Dani Lemongrass Lavender Candle Tin | 2 oz
Dani Lemongrass Lavender Candle Tin | 2 oz
Dani Lemongrass Lavender Candle Tin | 2 oz
Dani Lemongrass Lavender Candle Tin | 2 oz

Dani Lemongrass Lavender Candle Tin | 2 oz

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 Light weight, sturdy and airplane-friendly.  Our 2oz soy candles are also great to place open (and unlit!)  in a cupboard or drawer - even your car - to keep things smelling fresh.

The Scent: Our Lemongrass Lavender is a blend of sweet lemongrass, and calming lavender with a hint of geranium and rosemary.  This is definitely what calm smells like! ( Cool fact: this scent also acts as a natural bug deterrent - perfect to burn outdoors in the summer!)

The Skinny on Soy Wax: Soy beans are referred to as "the miracle crop" because they can be grown for so many things - human food, animal feed, fuel, and many other non-food products - like Scented Soy Candles! They're a completely renewable resource and the United States is the largest grower of soy beans in the world... so burning soy candles actually helps support American farmers.

Unlike paraffin candles - which often use metal in their wicks - soy's lower burn temperature allows us to use 100% cotton wicks. This keeps the air toxin free and creates candles that burn up to 50% longer!

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